27. October 2020.

Note the date – the sixth RSNOG November 26 online

The year in which the importance of the constant availability of the Internet connection became clear to almost everyone on the planet, fueled numerous questions and controversies. They will be discussed at the RSNOG conference organized by the Group of Network Operators of Serbia (RSNOG) for the sixth time on November 26. This year as well, the conference was supported by the The Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS). The conference will be held online, and interested visitors will have the opportunity to follow it live via stream.

Three thematic units will be the focus of this year’s RSNOG. It will be considered whether and how the network was affected by the sudden increase in traffic and how the industry coped with the challenges posed by the Internet pandemic. The growth of internet use and the innovation of cyber threats during the pandemic place a significant emphasis on cyber security, so the activities of domestic CERTs will be discussed during the conference. Data centers or the cloud will be a key dilemma that representatives of system integrator companies will try to solve during the discussion.

Make a note of November 26 on your calendar and join the conference that brings together domestic and foreign experts dealing with information technology, networks and cyber security.