What is RSNOG?

The Republic of Serbia Network Operators’ Group (RSNOG) is an informal community of local network experts, gathered around a shared interest in improving the quality, performance, stability and security of Internet networks and services in Serbia.

RSNOG actively encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices among network experts in Serbia, as well as collaboration with similar groups in the region, Europe and all over the world.

The RSNOG community is open to all network experts in Serbia, who can become members by subscribing to the general mailing list and sending a message with their basic details, professional engagement and interests.

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    Vint Serf on the Sixth RSNOG

    Vint Serf on the Sixth RSNOG

    The sixth RSNOG conference, organized by the Group of Network Operators of Serbia (RSNOG) with the support of the Foundation "Registry of the National Internet Domain of Serbia" (RNIDS and Internet Sociеty, is scheduled for November 26, and the live broadcast starts...

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    Recent events:

    Sixth RSNOG Conference

    November 26, 2020.